Adult church groups and religious organisations

The ideal venue for reflection, relaxation and fun

Groups looking for a venue to hire for a church group trip and PPC away days have often come to Barton Camp for its combination of excellent residential accommodation and peaceful surroundings.

The secluded outdoor seating areas and tranquil countryside setting work well for those looking for a place to reflect, while the numerous group activities to which the centre lends itself so well will help to foster a stronger sense of community among those visiting.

We came for a peaceful and tranquil time and we were so pleased with the result"

We know that altruism is fundamental to many church groups and religious groups, so you'll also be safe in the knowledge that by choosing Barton Camp as the venue for your break you are helping many underprivileged children from the local area to have an amazing experience in the form of a holiday here, giving them respite from their day to day lives and the opportunity to widen their horizons.