About us

Barton Camp

Based in Somerset, Barton Camp is a residential centre built for learning and adventure.

It's the home of the Bristol Children's Help Society (TBCHS), which supports disadvantaged children living in the region. At certain times of the year, these children come to Barton Camp for a free or heavily subsidised break or holiday, giving them support towards - and respite from - their often difficult lives. Barton Camp is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

When the centre isn't being used for these breaks, we are able to offer it for hire to schools, companies, organisations and parties looking for an affordable, comfortable venue or place to stay.

The Bristol Children's Help Society

The Bristol Children's Help Society (TBCHS) is a long-standing charity that has been helping thousands of disadvantaged children for many years.

These children face the daily struggle of living with, and trying to support, parents with substance abuse issues, mental health problems or disability. Often they will find themselves running the household or looking after their younger brothers and sisters. Many of them have no-one they can count on.

A free or subsidised summer break within the safe and nurturing environment of Barton Camp can make a huge and valuable difference to these children. It can widen their horizons, give them some respite from their challenging lives, build confidence, relieve stress and allow them to act like children again. Run by a team of volunteers, every penny donated to TBCHS goes towards the centre's upkeep and the provision of the breaks and holidays we offer to those children in need.

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